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Blue Gold

Water is the true wealth of humanity, not petroleum. For ownership of the planet’s ”blue gold”, people are ready to fight: without water there is neither security nor prosperity, much less development. To understand what the economic and industrial developments of this scenario might be, Silvano Pedrollo visited Dubai in 1 974, where water cost more than oil and people were already beginning to consider the latter a resource destined to run out. He was looking for investors interested in the new-technology pumps that he wanted to manufacture in Italy and a potential market for the sector.

A.S. ALJARED FOR TRADING CO.LTD.  started its activity as an establishment since 25 years. We started in the world of water pumps. Within these 25 years, we were able to gain the trust of many international companies and therefore we   were able to get the right represent them in  our local market.

In 1430H-2009G, this small establishment bloomed and transformed into a limited liability company as a primary step to develop and improve the quality of the service.

The company maintain a certain level of quality in the products and the services provided, and we are always working in developing and improving them.

The company is covering almost all the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia through our branches ,sales force , and our clients base that exceed 500 customers.

Our products

  • Pedrollo Spa

    For almost 40 years the Pedrollo group has been growing world-wide and continues to design and build pumps that help carry water where it is most needed. Where water pours forth, landscape  gets greener and hope springs anew. With each well the...
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    Elbi Spa

    Since 1965 the company has been operating in the field of thermo-hydraulics, gradually achieving a solid reputation and standing in the major world markets. Elbi offers an extremely wide range of products and can therefore satisfy almost all...
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    Mac3 spa

    MAC3, was first established in 1982 with the specific purpose of supplying high quality products in the field of level regulation, now Mac3 is the leading manufacturer of float switches throughout the world. Thanks to its privileged observation...
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  • Lafert group

    The progress of a motor. Electric motor, of course. At the beginning it was just an industrial motor, based on reliability and performance standards. It has been developed and customised to become integrated into the customers product and to meet...
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    Zenit group

    The Zenit Group ranks among the top international names in the design and manufacture of water treatment technologies. Its core business is the design and manufacture of submersible electric pumps for both domestic and industrial use. Thanks to...
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    Locally assembled products

    In addition to all what was mentioned previously, we do assemble boosters, fire fighting pumps (50gpm – 1500 gpm) and control panels as per as your requirements.  We are also pleased to intrudes to you  other solutions as: • Pressure control  •...
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Our partners

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